Our backyard is truly an extension of our home. It is our own personal piece of the great outdoors. It allows us to enjoy the benefits of nature, some of which include stress reduction, a greater sense of connection with the world, and an increased creativity level. However, many of us are not fully utilizing the potential of our space.  The right landscaping can make the most of your backyard.

Your outdoor space deserves to be just as inviting, comfortable, and stylish as your interior. It should be a reflection of your personality and support the things you enjoy doing.  The Spruce.com has 44 Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

You need to know your yard. Keep in mind that the specific conditions of your yard are likely to create a microclimate based on the amount and length of sun and shade exposure the area receives. Microclimates are usually broken into one of four categories: full sun, partial shade, shade, or deep shade. The topography of your site is important to consider as well. The best landscape design will promote water movement away from your home towards other areas of your yard.

Make your backyard a place that reflects your style, whether you prefer a contemporary-style space with succulents and abundant hardscapes, or a cottage-style look with pathways or water features framed by masses of colorful perennials. Knowing your personal style is the key to truly enjoying what you see.

Landscaping is not just about plants. You may not want many plants at all. You can create sitting areas and walkways with strategically placed decks, stone paths, and gravel. Capture a rustic, roadside hangout with a reclaimed wood bar area with metal stools. A terraced garden can be created with slopped planters.

Think about all of the ways you want to use the space now and in the future. You want everyone to enjoy the space and nothing to be “off limits”. Thespruce.com has 15 Fun Backyard Ideas Kids Will Enjoy. The ideas go beyond swing sets. Consider designing a courtyard that can be a family gathering spot and evolve as the family gets older.

Maybe you are an avid gardener but feel like it is too disconnected from the house, and you would like easier access. Or you would like several gardens in different areas so that you can grow different things. Pollinator plants can be strategically placed so that they gain mutual benefits. Think about paths that can connect your garden to other parts of the yard.

Entertaining space can be multi-functional and even family friendly with the right planning. Equip your backyard for outdoor entertaining with an outdoor gathering or grill area, a trampoline, fire pit and seating area for guests, landscaping and even a tumble mat for children.

Identify your focal point, or even points. This may be something that you have now or that you know you want in the future. Even if you do not have a pool, you can landscape for one you know you are installing in the future. You may have a she-shed or want to plan for specific outdoor “living room” areas. If you have a game plan, your landscaping now will easily evolve to accommodate the yard you want in the future.

Landscape construction in a back yard can involve a lot of elements. Understanding the elements that go into landscape construction makes the process of transforming your backyard run smoothly. At Patera Landscaping, our professionals enjoy sitting down with homeowners and laying out a plan for each step.

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