The winter landscape can look bleak when we compare it to the colors and textures in the other seasons. Most plants go dormant when the weather turns cold, leaving a monotone palette of white, brown, and gray. You can still have a beautiful landscape that adds interest and color to all of that winter white. You can get creative with what you already have and bring in some things you may not have considered to add winter cheer to your yard!

Winter is also the perfect time to plan your next outdoor project. You can more easily see areas where you want to add, or even subtract, features in your outdoor spaces. You may find that you have to haul too many things in and out with your storage being at a premium. It is a great time to consider planting with a more year-round focus or even adding more hardscaping for less hauling.

  • Pick the Perfect Plant

The best winter plants should be hardy enough for your region, be tall enough to stay visible in heavy snowfall, and have attractive berries that wildlife will love. Many trees and shrubs have berries they hold onto throughout the fall and winter. Crabapples hold their fruit. A holly bush with berries can add a welcome pop of color.

When we think of a snowy winter scene, we of course think of evergreens. They are workhorses in the winter landscape for many reasons. First, there is the color factor.  Evergreens are not just green! They come in yellow, blue, and all the colors in between. They also make good design sense. Not only do they boost a winter landscape, but they make a good focal point all year-round. has the 10 Best Plants for Winter Landscapes for even more ideas. 

  • Plan to Use Your Hardscape

Winter is a good time to critically assess your landscape and figure out where it is missing focal points. You may realize that the solution to enhancing your winter landscaping might not be a plant at all. Winter is the best time to consider how you feel about your hardscape. You may be trying to determine what the term actually encompasses so that you can do a complete evaluation. answers the question for you with  What Is Hardscape?

One of the added benefits of figuring out what addition you want in the winter is that you can take advantage of scheduling your project in the off season for landscaping companies. You can benefit from experts being more readily available and materials potentially being discounted. You will also have your new hardscaping done when those first warm spring days hit and can enjoy it right away!   

  • Dress Up Summertime Containers

We all have some form of decorative containers that we plant in the spring and may even plant again in the fall.  All of your window boxes, hanging baskets, and winter-hardy containers are indispensable for winter landscaping. Many of us bring them in for the winter or leave larger ones in place to be either left empty or covered with snow through the winter. This is a missed opportunity!

There are many plants that are a perfect addition to spend the winter in those containers. Dwarf Alberta spruce and broadleaf evergreen shrubs such as holly and rhododendron are perfect for wintertime but they do require some watering if snow is not falling. If you enjoy the break winter gives you from caring for live outdoor plants, fill containers with evergreen boughs of different textures, colors, and branches. You can even “decorate” them with garlands made of birdseed. tells you How to Make a Christmas Tree for the Birds that will bring all the beautiful birds to your yard!

The expert designers at Patera Landscaping are available all year long to make your landscape a winter wonderland! Contact us today!