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A patio can be a paved outdoor area adjoining a house. The fun we get to have with patios is endless. From different shapes and sizes to changing up colors and materials.

Paver patios can be made with brick, tile or stone and can come in all shapes and sizes. Patterns can change, color can vary and texture can go from rough and tumbled to smooth and shiny. We offer to scale drawings for paver patios and have skilled professionals trained in the installation of such services. Paver patios can be labor intensive, high quality and give a breath taking finished product. The finish product is built to with stand the midwest weather which comes with freeze/ thaw and earth movement 12 months out of the year.

We offer Concrete patios as well. Concrete can be decorative and patterned to give it beauty and an element similar to pavers. This can be a cost-effective way to bring a living area to the back yard and our skilled installers can transform the area in a few short days. We pride ourselves in professional installation using high-quality concrete. We take the steps needed to install midwest weather ready concrete.