Many of us already cook outside with a grill as soon as the weather permits it. We have memories of backyard barbeques and summer parties. We make sure we have places to sit and enjoy a meal outside. Think about taking it to the next level with an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. has 50 Outdoor Dream Kitchens for Every Style and Space. Whether you are planning a small, intimate space to host small gatherings or a large space geared towards entertaining a crowd, there are some basic things you need to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen.


The first consideration is your location. All backyard locations are not created equally. Most of us already have structures and landscaping in our backyard. You may be scrapping everything. You may be keeping everything. You may land somewhere in between.

If you want your outdoor kitchen to feel like an extension of your home, consider locating it in a more sheltered outdoor space. Contain the outdoor kitchen space within an area under a roof with partial walls or “temporary” walls that can be opened completely or closed, such as a garage door style wall. Another option is the use of an existing covered porch. You can build out the grill area and seating that you already have.

A completely separated outdoor kitchen can anchor existing entertainment space. A pool or a large deck can serve as the added attraction to the space. You can build stations around it for cooking, serving, and sitting. Think about a swim up bar area on one side of the pool and a cooking station on the other.  A deck’s upper level can be the cooking station and a lower level can be for eating.


Once you have carved out the space, you need to think about materials. Whether it is an extension of your home or a separated area, it needs to compliment what is already there. Think about it in the same way that you would for any other landscaping or exterior home improvement.

Know your home’s style. Your outdoor living space should reflect it. A modern home should have an outdoor kitchen featuring clean lines and natural material. Mid-century modern may call for sunken seating. A beach vibe can incorporate blue tile and light custom cabinetry that can stand up to the elements.

Remember to pick the right flooring! You should not just assume that existing decking or poured concrete slabs pair with your new grill. Selecting Outdoor Kitchen Flooring is made easier by Safety, budget, placement, and maintenance should all be considered.


You need to know how often you are using your outdoor kitchen and, ideally, what you are really going to do with it. This will dictate what equipment and appliances you should invest in, along with additional furniture and lighting. Think about climate, maintenance, and the type of fuel you have available. Think about whether you want year-round use or are fine with using it seasonally.

An outdoor kitchen that serves as a second, fully functional family kitchen may need refrigeration, appliances that can handle extremes in temperature, and patio or other heating. A seasonal outdoor kitchen used primarily for entertaining may be better served with the addition of pizza ovens and beer dispensers. A sink area may be something that is desired for either type of kitchen for easy preparation and clean ups. 

Patera Landscaping wants to expand the way people think about outdoor kitchens. Our custom design experts will help you build out a place to grill, cook and prepare a meal. Contact us today!