Your backyard hosts many special moments. Make the moments even more memorable by creating an outdoor space that works for relaxation, social gatherings, and everything in-between by adding a built-in fire pit to your yard. There is a fire pit design for every style, space, and lifestyle.

Think about who will be enjoying the space the most and prioritize their needs when you consider designing a fire pit. Frequent entertaining may require more areas for flexible seating around the fire pit. Children might benefit from a fire pit with a wide ledge that creates a natural barrier that helps prevent burns or provides seating for roasting marshmallows.

If you need a space that works equally well for family time and party time, an open concept fire pit area can provide a place for outdoor cooking, dining and entertaining. Choices like a low-profile cement fire pit can form a central gathering spot central to a grilling zone, flexible seating, and an eating area, giving everyone a perfect spot.

These fire pit ideas can help you create the best backyard hangout for everyone.

  1. Go with Natural Stone

The addition of a stone fire pit can upgrade your outdoor space. It is the perfect material for creating a backyard fire pit that stands the test of time and looks great. If you already have landscaping that uses a certain type of stone, incorporate the same material into your fire pit design to help bring the elements of your yard together.

Build a backyard fire pit directly into a wall or ledge to mimic the look of a traditional fireplace. This stone fire pit idea helps create a built-in wind barrier while highlighting the beauty of natural stone. This option works well in large or small yards. It lets you create a variety of seating areas as well.. has 15 Firepit Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Hangout Space.

  •  Define a Small Space 

Make the most of a small yard with an intimate seating area anchored by a fire pit. You can create anything from a small, rustic area to a mini modern courtyard with the right design. Think about transforming existing patios or landscaped areas that would benefit from the addition of a fire pit.

Seating design is also key. A built-in seat around a rectangular fire pit can define a boundary with the neighboring house or add additional entertainment space. Landscape choices can make the space feel like the extension of your house. has Small Fire Pit Designs for even more inspiration.

  • Create an Outdoor Room

Harness landscaping and hardscaping to create a fire pit area that feels like an outdoor room. Use a combination of pavers and gravel to form a casual patio anchored by a fire pit. A stacked stone wall can create a more formal feeling and also provide overflow seating for guests. Large container gardens and planted beds can be strategically placed to further define the area.

A large backyard presents endless fire pit ideas. For an easy access gathering place, consider building a fire pit as an extension of your patio to create an outdoor living room. A change in the size and shape of the patio pavers you select can define a more formal outdoor dining space and set it apart from a casual fire pit area.

If you do not feel the need to create a bridge between your indoor and outdoor space and you have a large backyard, you may want to consider building a firepit a little farther from your home. You can give the space a bungalow vibe and create an outdoor entertaining area that feels like a vacation home.

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