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Outdoor Kitchens

Patera thinks the definition of an outdoor kitchen can be a loose one. … For those in the industry who get to help homeowners put together outdoor kitchens, some can offer a more strict definition: An outdoor cooking area that features almost all or any of the capabilities of an indoor kitchen, centered on the grill.

Many still think the outdoor kitchen is a thing where you grill out and then you bring things inside and clean them up. Luckily it’s not that way anymore, it is much different. Over the years we have seen a large spike in people updating their patio areas with outdoor kitchens. It seems people want to enhance their lifestyle and enjoy their lives both indoors and out. We can take a grill you have used for years and tie it into an elaborate kitchen. It can include a sink, fridge and granite counter tops. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but makes for a very functional cooking area and allows for easy cleanup.