Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn and Landscape maintenance is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive, typically in a garden, yard, park, institutional setting or estate. Using tools, supplies, knowledge, physical exertion and skills, our maintenance programs may plan or carry out annual plantings, periodic weeding and fertilizing, other gardening, lawn care, snow removal, walk way maintenance, shrub pruning, lighting, fencing, runoff drainage, and irrigation, and other jobs for protecting and improving the topsoil, plants, and garden accessories in a home or commercial property.

A garden may also be designed to include exotic animals, such as a koi pond. In larger estates, groundskeepers may be responsible for providing and maintaining habitat for wild animals.

The Lawn care maintenance can include: mowing, trimming fertilizing and year around care for the lawn. We typically offer a 6 step lawn care program that is followed up with a weekly mowing program.